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Tips on Saving Time Cleaning Your Home

With the hectic life of today, each day poses a different challenge for us with regards to work-life balance. While we push ourselves to the optimum to deliver our best at workplaces, we often overlook the need for our living spaces to be clean and more organized. 

It is a fact that the living spaces that are wide, airy and clean can leave a refreshing impact on our mindset and thus, contribute to our work productivity as well. However, it is also an undeniable reality that the late working hours and long travel time, to and fro from work, can leave us exhausted to clean our homes properly. 

Here we bring to you some tips on how to organize and thoroughly clean your homes over the weekend, enabling you to just do a quick clean during the hectic work days.

There are many ways to reduce cleaning time and make life easier, as well as ways to reduce your workload. These tips will help you save time and clean efficiently.

Start by cleaning from the top

Clean your counters, and closets or any top surface that needs cleaning before you sweep the floor. You wouldn’t want to do the floor first before you dust off the ceiling, later to do floors all over again. If you are not sure about where to start, make a list of things that need cleaning instead of putting off chores until you have time to clean properly. The FlyLady System suggests different zones of the house can be addressed weekly. You can also split chores into different days:

·         Monday: Dusting.

·         Tuesday: Vacuuming.

·         Wednesday: Floor washing.

·         Thursday: Bathroom.

·         Friday: Catch up on anything remaining. 

·         Saturday: Laundry. 

·         Sunday: Upkeep basic starter tasks.

Make a to-do-list before cleaning the kitchen

You can start by making a list so you don’t burn all your energy in one go. The kitchen is relatively easy requiring minimum physical efforts. It is something you can do together with your family. An expert in the nursing home emphasized that cleaning the kitchen is a DIY task, and asking your seniors for assistance can make them feel as if they are contributing.

Include your kids when organizing and channel your inner Marie Kondo

Juggling household chores with work-life isn't easy. The tidying guru Marie Kondo explains in her method that rather than tackling cleaning room by room, take category by category approach. The goal is to have a house that sparks joy.

Involve your kids into the cleaning routine. Assign them a space to keep toys, this way they will learn to organize. Start with discarding items, go through all belongings and separate things that can be sold or donated to have an organized place. Arrange photographs using the KonMari method as this can be an emotional process requiring time.

Get smarter with your laundry

Since laundry takes time and is kind of boring for most people. The few tips to help save time include pre-sorting clothes, have different baskets in place and ask your family to keep dark clothes and light colors separated. You can hang a drawstring bag for small items such as socks as sorting socks can take much time and energy. Also, pre-treat stains as dried stains take much effort and time to wash out. Keep emergency stain removal techniques bookmarked so whenever you are in trouble you can look for the best advice.

Your floor needs extra attention

It is essential to clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces as they possess a high risk of infection.

A quick 5-minute everyday sweep prevents debris and dirt from turning into sticky dust. Jotham Hatch of Chem-Dry says that people think the floors are cleaner than a carpet however that is not the case as dust, dirt, and allergens that settle on hard surfaces can stir into the air quickly. 

To clean faster, the Glider Cordless Electric Mop can be used on any surface including marble, wood, tile, or laminate floor to remove all stains, dirt, and bacteria from the surface.

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