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How to Take Proper Care Of Your Windows

While windows serve a useful purpose to nourishing us with the fresh blooming air, although they are visually stunning, windows and glass walls can become a significant problem, especially when it’s time to clean them. Taking proper care of windows involves intense upkeep – it’s not as easy as spraying a little glass cleaner and wiping it off!

Here are a few easy tips and tricks that will leave your windows shiny and sparkly.

Always Begin by Removing Dirt and Dust
Before you bring out the big guns, carefully sweep dirt and dust from the window frame. You can use a small brush or a hand-held vacuum. By doing so you won’t end up with a sticky mess of grime and window cleaner once you start cleaning.
If your windows are especially dusty, simply pop them out of the frame and wash with hot water and a soft brush. Then rinse and air-dry before placing it back.

Avoid Hose Water
Contrary to common use, hose water is quite hard and contains mineral deposits that can penetrate the porous surface of the glass. To properly and carefully clean your windows, fill a bucket with warm water from inside your house, wash the windows, and then dry the glass with a microfiber cloth or any soft fabric.
Another thing to remember: never wash windows in direct sunlight; that’s when they’re most porous.

Avoid Automatic Sprinklers
Automatic sprinklers are really convenient, but again, they’re very hard on windows. A sprinkler system will spray stream after stream of hard water onto the windows, which will eventually lead to accumulation of mineral deposits and limescale buildup over time, both of which are really difficult to remove.
Solution: Make sure the sprinklers are pointed away from the windows; water areas close to the windows by hand.

Go for Professional Maintenance
If your house has a lot of windows, some of which may be hard to reach, call a professional window maintenance team. As your requirement, they’ll rid your windows of debris, check seals, and repair any damage as well. It might be a bit costly, but professional care will extend the life of your windows and retain their shine and elegance, so a professional option is certainly a worthwhile investment.

Taking proper care of windows can be a difficult task, but it’s very important if you want to keep your house looking great. If you’re looking for a solution to end the frustration and monotony of having to maintain your windows, try using the Gecko Robot Window Cleaner.

User-friendly and remote powered, the Gecko is your ultimate deep clean window solution. Its washable microfiber pads will leave your windows sparkling, and three automatic cleaning pads give you the choice of how you want to clean your windows. And best of all, its anti-fall technology allows the Gecko to work alone without you worried for its safety.

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