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Do's and Don'ts When Cleaning Your Windows

Summers sure are bright and sunny which is great, but that also means that the sun shining through your windows makes dirt and grime more easily visible. No matter how clean and beautiful you keep your house, dirty windows bring the elegance of your home down.

Here are a few easy tips to remember when giving your windows a good wash, which will also help keep your windows in great shape. 

Cleaning Your Windows: The Do’s

Always Clean All Parts of the Window

  • Windows remain exposed to wind, sun, snow, and dirt. Hence regular cleaning is a must for maintenance.
  • Remember to clean the windowsill, screen, and track instead of only focusing on the glass.
  • Also, always clean from both inside and outside. Placing a towel underneath the window helps catch water when cleaning the inside areas.
  • This ensures that dirt and debris don't build up and hinder the window's opening and closing and helps avoid permanent damage to the glass or other parts.

Select Your Cleaning Products Carefully

  • Be sure to select a commercial product that isn't too tough and won't damage your kind of windows. Don't opt for harsh chemicals or scratchy clothes.
  • If you're looking for a home-based solution, a mixture of water, vinegar, and dishwashing liquid work wonders.
  • Whatever product you use, make sure to wipe it off wholly and carefully to avoid streaks and damage to your windows.

Consider Using Professional Equipment

  • For the best results, use two pairs of microfiber cloth; one for cleaning and the other for drying. These cloths are best because they don’t leave behind fuzz on the glass and are an eco-friendly substitute to conventional paper towels. 
  • For professional results, use a large squeegee that is in good shape. They ensure an efficient and streak-free clean.

Cleaning Your Windows: The Don't

Never Use Newspapers for Cleaning Windows

  • Most people tend to use newspapers to clean their windows since they are cheap, readily available, and don’t leave behind fuzz or lint.
  • However, newspapers don’t wipe off cleaning fluid smoothly, and their ink can smudge the glass.

Avoid Cleaning Windows on Sunny Days

  • Cleaning windows on a hot and sunny day will dry them quicker, but it will make them more susceptible to streaking.
  • Always try to clean your windows on a cloudy day (but be sure it won’t rain either). 

Don’t Clean All Windows at Once

  • If there are a lot of windows in your house, pace yourself.
  • Instead of trying to clean every window on a single day, split the task over a couple of days.
  • This will not only make things easier but will also make sure that each window gets adequately cleaned. 

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