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Commonly Missed Areas In Cleaning

Keeping your house clean can at times feel like a huge chore, but in order to maintain its value and aesthetic appeal, it is something that one must always prioritize. If you are someone who already has a tough schedule, then the chances are that you do not pay that much attention towards cleaning and try to get done with it as soon as possible. This is why we have pulled together a list of places where you can focus next time you pick up your cleaning gloves. 

Let’s have a look at some commonly missed areas in cleaning and how you can tackle them.

1. Ceiling and Fans

It often happens that when we are cleaning, we only focus on the things that are present in front of us. It is easy to neglect the ceiling along with the fans. Cleaning the ceiling fans should be prioritized every other week, otherwise, they can catch dirt pretty quickly. The good part is that cleaning the ceiling fans is pretty simple and straightforward. All you have to do is find a durable platform to stand-on, get a duster and you are good to go.

On a side note, you might want to be extra careful with the platform you are standing on, have someone around you to provide you with support.

2. Under the Furniture

This area is the most neglected of all surfaces. It might surprise you but people often spend years without cleaning up the dust which accumulates under their furniture. Every now and then you might want to check underneath your sofa set and dust and clean it if you can. The same goes for underneath your electrical appliances such as the fridge.

3. Cleaning Supplies

This may sound ironic, but it often happens that the very cleaning supplies people are using to clean their homes are covered in dirt as well! It is recommended that if not every time, then at least every other week you consider taking off the dirt from your cleaning supplies. After all, one cannot promote hygiene if the cleaning supplies they are using are the ones that require cleaning to begin with.

4. Doorknobs

The doorknobs can play a huge role in determining the aesthetic appeal of your house. They are used throughout the day, so it is only natural that they would catch dirt every now and then. While cleaning the doorknobs is not really a challenge, they often go unnoticed. So the next time you are cleaning up your house, you might want to keep them in your mind.

5. Window Cleaning

Even though windows are a prominent part of the house, they are still often neglected when it comes to cleaning. Window cleaning can prove to be challenging at times, especially the ones located in your kitchen and bathrooms due to the moisture they are exposed to. If you are looking for an efficient way to clean the windows, then look no further, because with the help of Gecko Robot Window Cleaner your life will become easier. So, this is one investment that is going to make your day to day chores much easier. 

The main reason cleaning is so emphasized is to promote hygiene. However, if we end up missing these common, yet important parts of our house then it defeats the purpose. This is why, the next time you plan on cleaning the house, keep these places in mind to make sure each and every corner shines.

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